Importance Of Mountain Biking

Fitness is essential as there are so many stress going on in life we are more doing office jobs then taking part in any sports event everything becoming simpler like for washing cloths we have washing machine games which were required to do physical task now we spent more time in video games. So basically we are living in a society which is far from any physical activity and this is not a proud thing for us. These things are making us unhealthy and fat so it's not wrong for me to say sports is something we should take part it.

But even when we talk about sports we go on with billiards and other indoor sports which lack much muscle work but one of the sports like mountain biking is something you should try it and there are so many mountain bikes available under 500$ it's not a big deal to own one. So buy one of them and go out and do some mountain biking buddy. The thing that you will love about mountain biking is the enjoyment its better than treadmill when you run on a treadmill seriously guys don't you look at the watch every time or focus on how many miles you have runned that so boring not only its makes everything hard but also very unpleasant way to exercise.

While mountain biking is more than a fitness exercise you may don't know how much miles you have driven just because you are doing something which you can enjoy.

1: More Refreshing

When you do mountain biking especially when you do it on mornings you are encountered with more fresh air which gets more oxygen to your lungs and since there are not much vehicle during morning the air is much cleaner then what you analyse during evening and more over these pollution will do more harm than good.

Do you know how much dust we inhale every day when we go out for our office job don't trust me just check the news of growing lung related disease mostly asthma few years back asthma was a rare disease but now it’s in the common disease list Why? Just because air is not the same as it was in the back it's much more polluted.

So it's advisable to doing mountain biking in the evening and the good part is the areas in which mountain biking is done is generally pollution free.

2: Decrease Chance of Diseases

Do you want to die early? Obviously no one wants it but do you know the average life span of human these days are 70 years so living 100+ is not possible for most of us. Cycling helps in reducing heart related diseases by 50% right away that a huge number. I don't think that a small reason for not doing mountain biking.

It's true that you might have some back pains or legs pain during you beginning but trust me at the end it's doing a lots of good to your body and you will thank yourself at your 100th birthday.

3: It's Easy on Your Joints

It's a problem that occur mostly on older people and it makes them doing physical task such a running or walking up in the stairs mostly impossible but apart from these task you will be glad to know that cycling put much lower strain to your knee joints and if you wear some sort of knee pads then these strain is minimum so everyone can do this sports it's not just limited to younger generation.

Get More Better Sleep

Sleep disorder has become common every 8 out of 10 suffers from sleep disorder why it's has become so big not because people are not sleeping these days but because the stress level has increased a lot. We have become work-a-holic. We spent more time in the office then on our home so it's not wrong to say that at the time when you will grow old then the face you see most in your life wouldn't going to be your wife but its going to be your boss. It's scientifically proven that mountain biking help reduce stress level and thus impact your sleep since it makes your body tired so you will notice that you will sleep more deeply then you do before and at the end when you wake up you will feel energetic.

Become Younger

Who doesn't want to look younger but did your skin feel the same?? No matter how much we use make up and all that stuff we can't avoid that wrinkles because your skin is becoming old but let me tell you when you look at athletes don't you think they look much younger than their age why? Because their regular exercise one side benefit of mountain biking is that your skin will look more younger because when you do cycling in increases the blood flow in your skin so your skin gets more nutrient and oxygen you may not become younger but you will look younger and what’s better than that.

Lose Weight

When you ask anybody about losing weight they will suggest you about joining gym Right? Wrong because when you do gym you are just building up your muscle it does benefit your looks and give you more muscular look but when you leave gym you will turn fat quickly because you are just working on your muscle power but mountain biking will improve your overall health and in the same time burn your calories. This boost your metabolism do you know what metabolism is "its a rate at which human body burns fat" so when you look at younger children they are generally thin because at that time metabolism rate is higher so whatever you eats turns into energy when you get older this rate reduces and it makes that extra energy into fat. Mountain biking will help you keep your metabolism rate at normal levels.

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